Blue Box was founded in 1952 by Mr. Peter Chan Pui, who is today the company Chairman. The first item at that time was the now famous "drinks and wets" doll. Through the following years, Mr. Chan Pui developed and expanded the Blue Box line and established factories in both Hong Kong and Singapore. During the 80's the manufacturing facilities were transferred to China. Since that time and under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Chan Pui Blue Box has evolved into a world class, totally integrated manufacturing, sales and marketing organization. Their lines include: Blue Ribbon Stables, Blue Ribbon Ranch, Famous Championship Horses.

Molds include:

Molded out of styrene, they are hollow, well crafted. These make a nice model to practice painting techniques. The Arabian and Spanish Barb are quite nice. The heads on the Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Appaloosa are a bit short and square.


Above: Appaloosa; photo provided by Teri Lee.

Standing bay drafter
Photos provided by Lisa Pisano.

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