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ackie Arns is one of the top performance (and overall) showers in the New England area. So to put the finishing touches on her entries, often has to make things to make the entry "just so."

Jackie make a lot of her own tack and props, especially the various footings and scenic boards that she shows her horses on. She also customizes about half of the horses that she performance shows, and has been fortunate enough to take home championships at various large shows in New England, and many Top Tens and Champs/Reserve at NAN as well.

Jackie's sub-specialty in performance showing is to take a "one class" posed horse and turn them into overall or versatility performance horses, for example - a sliding stop reiner who has picked up championships in driving, western and versatility (and who got champs in both driving and western trail at the 2001 NAN), a Missouri Fox Trotter with versatility and overall champs, and a Peter Stone jumper who has been an English and Overall perf champ at several shows.

She is the owner/shower of the imfamous Beowulf.

If you would like to get in touch with Jackie, you may click on her name to send her email.

The Arns Gallery

English Pleasure
UHS Endless Nights, Original Finish Breyer John Henry owned by Jackie Arns, who also did his tack.

"Pseudolous," bay Anglo-Oldenburg gelding showing in dressage. This horse is Karen Gerhardt's WV Vigil casting painted by Jackie Arns, who also did his tack; photo taken at Empire State Live (5/28/95)

Pacing Time Trial
The beautiful Standardbred pacer, Rhett Butler, shown in full gear being during a time trial against a prompt horse. Customized from the Breyer Pacer by Leslie Phelps; harness made by Leslie and Jackie Arns. Photo taken at Empire State Live (5/28/95)

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