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etsy Andrews has been involved in model horses for many years. She first started collecting in the late 60s--primarily Breyers and Hartlands. In the mid-70s she was introduced to the fascinating world of model horse showing, and the art of repainting, remaking and hairing. Truth be told, Betsy says that her initial "R-R-H-ing" could not be called art... ! Those early painted models were done in Testors model enamel, and often sported craft fur manes and tails.

Her involvement with the hobby was sporadic during the 80's, due to college, marriage, house reconstruction and other such activities. During the 90's, she has spent more time working on perfecting her painting skills. The Testors were quickly replaced by acrylics; oils have been her primary medium over the past ten years. Recently, with the encouragement of fellow hobbyist Susan Rudnicki, she's started using the airbrush as well. She does the majority of her work on smaller models (Stablemate/LittleBit and some classics) in oils, and airbrushes larger models in acrylics. As she thoroughly enjoys the painting and hairing, she does very little remaking. She's never created a large quantity of models--she probably averages 20-30 per year. Models are sold primarily at live shows/model gatherings and via sales lists. Seldom does she take custom orders, as sometimes the rest of her life play havoc with delivery schedules!

Betsy works with almost every breed imaginable, but she particularly enjoys gaited and stock breeds. The majority of what she produces has spots--pintos are her favorites to portray. She currently owns three real horses: two double registered Paint/Pintos (Candy & Sequoia) and a Quarter Horse gelding (Jake); she also co-owns a Paint/Pinto colt (Soldier) and a Morgan mare (Duchess). (Betsy is certainly my kind of person...if you didn't know, *I* am nuts about spots too!)

Outside the hobby, Betsy is the Manager of Admissions & Membership for the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, a group that certifies environmental engineers. She also works part time, teaching horseback riding and coaching at horse shows. She's very active with a local therapeutic riding group, teaching children and adults with a variety of disabilities. She also runs the Mid-Atlantic Regional Horse Show, a model show that benefits therapeutic riding. This show takes place in mid-to-late March of each year. When she gets the opportunity, she actually rides, too! She's done a little of everything--low-level eventing and dressage, English and Western pleasure, sidesaddle, saddleseat, and driving.

She lives with her husband Ed, three cats--Julia, Sharon and Martie, in a house they renovated in Edgewater, Maryland. Actually, Ed and Betsy renovated the house. The cats are working on un-renovating it! She and Ed (and the cats) enjoy watching the NASCAR Winston Cup and Busch series races. They have a personal interest in the latter--Ed's brother is on the #64 Schneider team! Go Dick Trickle! Go a little faster, please...

If you would like to get in touch with Betsy, her snail mail and email addresses are below:

Betsy Andrews
1622 Chesapeake Drive
Woodland Beach, Edgewater, MD 21037


The Andrews Gallery

Photo credits:

Top: WL Made With Magic, bay tobiano Arapinto colt customized from the Chaney Welsh/Arab Foal resin and owned by unknown; created in 1997(?)

Bottom: WL Twycross Shyne On, dark bay Thoroughbred/Hackney gelding customized from the Breyer Classic Swaps and owned by Jean Sorensen; created in 1997

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