Western Pleasure Show Saddle
Basketweave pattern in Tooling Calf Leather. Hardware from rio rondo, made from a modified Rio Rondo kit.

Hand Dyed Western Pleasure show saddle and Bridle Set
Basket Weave pattern on both Saddle and Bridle. Saddle Made from a Modified Rio Rondo Kit. Bridle is my own design based on real bridles in use as of 2002. Specifically made to fit shorter backed horses. Auctioned off for Mountain City Live III in Mountain City, TN. (proceeds went to the local animal shelter.)

Two-tone Southwestern-style Western Pleasure Saddle and Matching Bridle Set
This saddle was actually made for my husband. A few years ago, I made another saddle for him but accidentally "sold" it. Ever since it's sale, he's been asking for another one, so I came up with this saddle set. This saddle set is a western pleasure saddle set featuring Hand etched, real silver plates on the saddle; hand dyed black southwestern design along the edge and on the jockeys and fenders. The green crystals on the plates are Real Swarovski crystals. The bridle has real silver beads and real swarovski crystals. The breast collar also has a hand etched real silver plate with a green swarovski crystal. This saddle set remains in the "collection" of my husband and I'm not even allowed to take it out of the house! <G>

Western Roping Saddle Set
This set was made in 2006 for Kay Callahan. I researched this set quite a bit and I was helped out greatly by Kathy Jaeggi who actually ropes! This set features double rigging, heavy cinches and a heavy breast collar and comes complete with hand braided tie down noseband, boots with working tongued buckles and two ropes! (One with wire and one without).

Traditional Sized (1/9th scale) "Californio" style Mother Hubbard Saddle Set
This set was made for the Museum of Western Art Gift shop located at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles California. This set features a "From scratch" designed saddle with Spanish Inspired tooling. The bit and buckles on the Bridle Headstall are hand made from Real silver. The Reins and the Bosilla are hand braided in miniature and feature miniature Turks head knots. The Mecate is also hand braided and the tassel on each end has a turks head knot at the top. All buckles are tongued working buckles.

Traditional Sized (1/9th scale) Saddleseat Set
This saddleseat set was made for Robin Poehlein. Robin Showed this set to a North American Model Horse Nationals Championship in 2006. The bridle features tongued, working roller buckles; reins with real stud clips; leather laced snaffle rein and a rolled leather edge on the browband and noseband. The saddle features working adjustable stirrups.

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