Traditional-Scale Double Bridle
This bridle is a custom order for Dawn Voris. It is a typical saddleseat double bridle with two seperate bits, hand painted brownband and noseband, detachable reins and all working buckles.

Traditional-Scale Western Bridle
This bridle is a double ferrule bead bridle for Michele Policano to fit her Peter Stone IHS. The beads are sterling silver and the buckles are actual tongued working buckles.

Traditional-Scale Western Bridle
Heather made this bridle for herself but later sold it. It is a single row, beaded bridle using rio rondo hardware. The beads are sterling silver.

Traditional-Scale Western Bridle and tiedown
This is a Bridle and tiedown that was a custom order for Lee Anne Masters. Heather believes she used it in her Western Gaming Class at Jamboree. Hardware is Rio rondo. The browband and noseband were tooled using Rio Rondo's Basket weave tool.

Traditional-Scale Western Bosal
This is a bosal that Heather made for a customer. It features sterling silver beads inter-mixed with red beads. The bosal and reins were hand braided. The bosal is made from artifical rawhide and the reins are embroidery thread. Heather would like to give special thanks to Susan Bensema Young and her awesome book for teaching me how to braid like this.

Braided Bridles
This one is Heather's first totally braided bridle. The "buckles" are loops that have been sewn down with black rawhide and is adjustable on both sides. The Bit is Rio Rondo's Fancy Western Snaffle bit.

Show Hack Bridle
Made with Real Gold Beads and Real Gold Bezel wire for the keepers. Bit By Elaine Sulser. All Buckles are tongued, working buckles. There are over 12 working, tongued d-ring buckles in the bridle. Created for Diana Patterson.

Hand cut "wide Strap" Western Pleasure bridle
Hand drawn designs. Bit from Rio Rondo. Buckles from Elaine Sulser. Glued On Rhinestones on the Buckles. Owned by Wendy Galbreath.

Traditional-Scale Stallion Halter
This is a Bitted Stallion Bridle made for the Peter Stone Standing Drafter. Heather loves making tack on these dudes because they have such big heads :-) All hardware is Rio Rondo. All buckles work so that it can be adjusted down if need be.

Traditional-Scale Presentation Halter
This is a bitted Presentation bridle for warmbloods or TB's. These seem to be really popular. All hardware is rio rondo, all buckles work.

Traditional-Scale Stock Halter

Traditional-Scale Stock Halter
This is a "Plate" style halter made for Jennifer Reid's Resin, NBS Cadillac Jack. It was a custom order for her. The Plates are from Rio Rondo as well as the buckles and halter rings. The Buckles are tongued working buckles and the jump rings are sterling silver.

Traditional-Scale Arabian Show Halter
This is one of Heather's first creations and not representative of her current work.

Traditional-Scale Arabian Show Halter
This is an Arabian Show halter made for the Debbi Lermond Resin, Echo Magnificoo. These are one of Heather's most popular halters and are her signature in a way. Buckle at the poll and conchos are from rio rondo. All beads, chain and jump rings are sterling silver. The lead is a working buckle lead.

Traditional-Scale Arabian Show Halter
This is the "gold" version of the arabian show halter. The Beads, chain and jump rings are gold plated. The Conchos are hand painted and there is a rio rondo buckle at the poll. The horse is the Debbi Lermond Echo Magnificoo resin.

Traditional-Scale Arabian Native Halter
This is one of her few arabian native halters. Heather has problems with her hands so braiding and making tassels can take a long time. This particular halter was made for Jennifer Reid's NBS Anuk Su Na Mun resin and is owned by Jennifer Reid. Again (credit where credit is due) she'd like to mention that she taught herself to "round braid" from Susan Bensema Young's book.

Traditional-Scale Arabian Native Halter
This Native Arabian Halter was hand woven on a bead loom instead of braided and then sewn together. The Cowrie shells were hand made from sculpy as were the beads used on the cowrie shell "concho". The concho is backed with leather. This halter was donated to the 2005 North American Model Horse Nationals along with An arabian show halter. This halter features Hand Made sharks teeth because it was made before the Rio Rondo Sharks Teeth were available. (In fact Gary Deal and I pow wow'd on the Arabian Hardware that they later released).

Traditional-Scale Arabian Native Halter
This halter was Hand woven on a bead loom instead of braided and then sewn together. This halter features hand made sharks teeth as it was made before the Rio Rondo sharks teeth were available. The "cowrie" conchos are made from sculpey and are backed by Leather. The gold beads on the tassels are real gold.

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