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heryl Abelson biographic comments from Janet Marshall (summer 2002):

Cheryl was one of the greatest model horse remakers and repainters. She did a wonderful job with miniature venues. She was from New York, married and had two boys. She was helpful and her photos were amazing. Her horses were so lifelike in the photos with their settings it is amazing. I am lucky that when she moved, she gave me a lot of her photos.

She loved Hagen Renakers, and compiled and published the first comprehensive book about them. She moved to New Mexico and decided to no longer show model horses. She was tired of some of the stupid petty stuff that was going on. I have not heard from her since she moved.

She helped me get started along with Sandy Tomezik and Elizabeth Bouras. Because they were so helpful, I started a newsletter for new people just starting out in the hobby. It was called the New Showers Club and many of the now "famous" people in remaking, repaintind, tack making etc., all started out in the club. The experienced people wrote articles for my newsletter along with "how to" do things regarding models. It was fun, and helpful to new people.

I don't show anylonger either, in fact I sold most of my H-R collection, still have breyers and remakes (including two by Cheryl).

The Abelson Gallery

English Pleasure
Tusker, dapple bay Trakehner gelding customized from the Breyer Traditional Trakehner collaboration by Cheryl Abelson and Cynthia Derousseau; owned by Jeanine Decuir


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