Wien is Austrian for "Vienna," and there are at least two porcelain companies sometimes known simply as Wien. This web site will address two: Augarten Wien and Wien Keramos.

Augarten Factory - Formerly the State Porcelain works in Vienna (closed 1864), the Wiener Porzellanfabrik Augarten was set up in 1922 as the successor to the former Imperial company. It makes figures and porcelain, mostly reproductions of earlier Vienna porcelain, and uses the banded shield or beehive mark with a crown and the words "Augarten Wien".
From "The Illustrated Dictionary of Antiques and Collectibles" by Judith Miller.

“Wien” translates as “Vienna”, the capital city of Austria. The porcelain factory at Augarten in Vienna has been in production for almost 300 years. Austria began producing porcelain under the grant of the Austrian royal family. Because of their imperial sponsorship, the factory has been referred to by some collectors as “Royal Vienna”. Porcelain produced by the "Vienna Imperial State Manufactory" began using the mark of the Striped Shield, the coat of arms of the Babenberg family. The shield is referred to as the “beehive” mark because it looks like and old fashioned European beehive with a crown, seen above left.

The factory was nationalized but is still located in the Augarten Palace, a former imperial hunting lodge. The Augarten Wien factory conducts tours and sells its production at their gift shop and through dealers worldwide. Augarten Wien produced several horse figurines sculpted by  Professor Albin Dobrich (the Spanish Riding School series),  Karin Jarl-Sakellarios (rearing Lipizzaner), Robert Ullman (Wild Defiance, Shying Horse, fighting  stallions), and Professor Herbert Schwaz (rearing Arabian).

Augarten Wien website:

On their website under Figurines you can find:

Arabian Stallion by Herbert Schwaz in 1961.

“Courbette” by Albin Dobrich in 1925.

Research by Kathy Williams.

Lippizaner in levade position, standing 10" tall and pure white. Photo provided by Ann Sanders

Lippizaner in Levade (#1732)
Lippizaner in levade position. Photo provided by Kathy WIlliams.

Lipizzaner in Light Grey
Photo provided by Paula O'Keefe. (Augarten Royal Vienna)

Skittish horse in white
"Skittish Horse" was sculpted by Robert Ullman in
1948. Owned by Kathy Williams.

Arabian in Grey
"Arabian Stallion" was sculpted by Prof. Herbert
Schwaz in 1961. This model's show name is "Lunario",
owned by Kathy Williams.

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