Guiseppi Armani, sculpted over 100 different porcelain pieces ranging in size from 3" high to 12" high, marketed towards upscale art collectors. Several of the pieces are of equines and all are reported to be absolutely stunning!

Guiseppi Armani died in October 2006. The Society has a number of his pieces available.

Mustang Stallion
Bay stallion signed by the artist and owned by Allie Davidson

Trotting Bay Horse
Shown as "Fire & Ice," and owned by Irene Lynne Conrad

Pegasus pulling chariot with the Greek goddes, Eos, across the sky on her daily sojourn; photo provided by Judith Northwood.

Eos, Greek goddess of the dawn, mother of the west wind and of the morning star Eosphorus, was known in Roman mythology as Aurora. She was classically represented as a winged-figure driving a quadriga, a carriage pulled by four horses. Aurora is often depicted standing and weeping for her son Memnon who was killed by Achilles during the Trojan Wars. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that morning dew is made by the tears Aurora shed for her beloved son.

Giuseppe Armani has always been drawn to the dramatic themes of mythology. He began to work on his interpretation of 'rosy fingered" Aurora in October of 1994. His initial difficulty was to avoid having the figure become too heavy and massive. By brilliantly deciding to give the sculpture an incline, Armani managed to create a perspective of ethereal weightlessness. The winged horse, "Pegasus," seems to carry no weight in bearing Aurora on her daily morning sojourn across the sky and is, himself, an extraordinary and artistically powerful element of the sculpture. Aurora is an outstanding example of the matchless talents of Giuseppe Armani and Florence Sculture d'Arte.This text provided by Judith Northwood.

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