These porcelain models are usually found in gift shops and carry an impressive price tag. Jennifer Pomerance reports:

Andrea by Sadek is part of Charles Sadek Import Company, Inc. It was founded in 1936 by Charles and Norman Sadek (father and son); today the company is run by Norman's son Jim and daughters Andrea & Lauren Sadek. They apparently buy the unpainted/unglazed ceramics from all over the world, decorate it, then sell the stuff wholesale. I got this info from their web site: www.sadek.com.

Rearing Horse
8.25"; shown as "Nita's Valiant," Mustang mare owned by Barri Mayse

Photo provided by Sheri Lynn Spowart

Shown as "Dragon of Denmark," chestnut Fredericksborg stallion owned by Christina Semon

Shown as "Bonne Fire," Palomino Morgan stallion owned by Christina Semon

White Horse Group
Stallion with colt; photo provided by Lynn Weber

Stretched Gaiter in Chestnut
Shown as "Starshine Proud Banner," Missouri Foxtrotter stallion owned by anonymous

Echt Altmann
Two running horses; piece 11.5" tall by 12" long; photo provided by Eli Heritage

Running mare and foal
Two running horses; piece 6" tall by 8" long; photo provided by Eli Heritage

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