Albany Fine China
The Albany Fine China company are the beneficiaries of a centuries old tradition of fine china making in the historic city of Worcester. Albany fine China was founded in 1972 by specialists in the fields of ceramic design and technology.

Albany's rise to its current pre-eminent position has been achieved by considerable effort. Behind it all is a team of artists/craftsmen and technicians dedicated to stretching their skills to new limits. Firmly established in the Centre of Worcester, it is one of the few truly independent, privately owned china companies remaining. The original aims have long been realised and Albany can be found gracing the displays of important collections in major cities throughout the world.

Albany Fine China was purchased by Lilliput Lane in 1987 and was established as a separate facility in Stoke-on-Trent known as "Lilliput Lane Land of Legend Limited" (aka 5L). This facility had 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space and employed a work force of 175 people and manufactured figurines of castles, dragons and other fantasy items. By 1990 Lilliput Lane restructured and sold off Albany Fine China which still continues in business today.
-from, article by R.J. Gulliver.

Update Summer 2008: Kathy Williams reports that the factory was closed in 2004. Albany made many molds of famous racehorses: Red Rum, Mill Reef, Seattle Slew, Desert Orchid, Brigadier Gerard, Dahlia, etc.

Photo: Albany Mill Reef by Lovegrove. Photo provided by Pauline Entin.

Brigardier Gerard
Portrait of real TB racehorse; sculpted by David Lovegrove; image provided by Pauline Entin.

Thoroughbred in bay
"Bay Thoroughbred" sculpted by David Lovegrove. Owned
by Kathy Williams. This mold was produced in various
colors: bay, chestnut, palomino, dapple grey.

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