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Welcome to the largest model horse gallery in the world! There are nearly 30,000 photos, 300 galleries and 3,000 pages to take a virtual walk through. These galleries show a slice of our hobby's vast artistic talent and the models we collect. There are also sections of reference material (FAQs, calendars) and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE!! - These galleries are full of pictures, and loading time can be slow, especially on dial up or slower connections. Please be advised!

If contacting an artist, please be aware there may be a delay in getting a response. During the summer, some artists spend time with families or travel for holiday or model horse events, such as BreyerFest.

Check out the new blog for updates and release information.

Any contact information is current at time of publishing. If you find an invalid URL, email address, please .

What does it take to maintain MHG?

The income from advertising on the MHG has decreased by 75% from it's max. (But it can currently cover the domain and hosting, but not much toward keeping software upgraded -- I'm two major versions behind -- computer current, electricity, or any other expenses, much less my time.)

So can folks help "work" with me to maintain the MHG? Sure. There's a list of "help needed" (missing horses/years for companies, artists). If folks have the ability to adjust/crop images, write descriptions, that can save me time. Donations are always welcome.

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